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Irresistible Reasons to Choose Dental Implants for Your Teeth

So you’re not yet certain or entirely convinced that you should choose dental implants for your missing or damaged teeth?  That’s normal.  This type of treatment is fairly new in the field of dentistry.  Perhaps you have heard from your dentist that you are a valid candidate for implants and even advised that this is the ideal treatment for your needs.  You may even have already received testimonials from satisfied family and friends about the benefits and amazing results of this treatment, but still, there’s that little voice inside your head constantly whispering worried “What ifs…”.

Let us settle that once and for all then.

Here are four simple, yet perfectly logical explanations why you should choose dental implant treatment now:

Dental Implants Simply Look Better

The innovative technology used in installation allows for a prosthesis that fits perfectly to the unique structure of your jawbone and gum line.  This is possible because of the presence of the implants that act as the roots of your teeth. Proper fit is the key to more natural-looking teeth, along with first-rate materials.  Knowing that your teeth have that natural look again, wouldn’t you feel more confident?

Dental Implants Last Longer

The implants are structured like a screw and made of titanium–a metal that is not only safe to use but also very strong.  With this quality of material, you can be assured that even though your treatment costs are higher than other less-recommended options (i.e. traditional dentures), you are getting what you have paid for and what you deserve.

They’re Easier and More Comfortable to Use

Sure, after the implants are attached you will need to have ample amount of time to get used to these new teeth.  However, after you have been able to adjust, you will realize that you’ve never had this sort of freedom and ability since that time when you still haven’t damaged your natural teeth.  What makes it easier this time is the right fit that prevents misalignments when you chew your food, or whenever you find yourself talking with so much enthusiasm?  With the implant treatment, things may just get better for you.

Dental Implant Treatment is More Cost-Efficient

Yes, the treatment per se might cost more than just getting ordinary dentures.  But it also means chances for prosthesis damage, and subsequent re-evaluation with your dental team, are minimized.  This is because, with implant therapy’s superior technology, durability and designed for specificity to each client’s needs,  the myriad of potential complaints are avoided; thus, you would only need one and not frequent costly trips to the dentist’s office.

Periodontal Disease

A recent study has found that periodontal disease has been linked to some cancers. Dr. Malek recommends that periodontal disease can be prevented by practicing good oral hygiene and regular visits with your dentist and periodontist.


Dental Implants

A dental implant (artificial tooth root) is a custom-made piece of bio-compatible metal (so your body does not reject this material) serves as the replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth.