Crown Lengthening

Getting Improved Smiles with a Crown Lengthening Procedure is Simple

You have been searching for a long time on how to improve your gummy smile. That can be fixed by visiting Dr. Malek, a dental specialist in Long Beach, CA 90807, who will perform a crown lengthening procedure. Specialized in treating bone and gum tissue diseases, the accredited periodontist, Dr. Malek will make your smile perfect in no time. It’s that easy!

Crown lengthening is a type of oral surgery procedure that is performed under local anesthesia and involves exposing the height of a tooth structure by removing the bone, gum tissue or both. A periodontic procedure is necessary when you have a broken tooth at the gum line or any other restoration that is not accessible. Dr. Malek will perform the procedure when you have a decayed tooth, insufficient tooth structure to support a crown or bridge filling or when your tooth is broken below the gum line.

Depending on one’s specific needs, crown lengthening can be performed on an entire gum line or just a couple of teeth. The procedure, which normally takes less than one hour, involves Dr. Malek numbing the patient and making an incision in the tissue to be able to pull the gum away from the tooth.  After gaining access to the root and the surrounding bone, the Dr. Malek can now remove excess gum tissue and some bone if necessary. The area is then washed with saline water and the gums stitched together.

Dr. Malek then follows up with an aftercare cleaning procedure and after one week the stitches can be removed. Crown lengthening is quite simple, and only a little discomfort is experienced afterward. Luckily Dr. Malek can also prescribe a little medication to control any discomfort, and you do not need to miss work. The cost of crown lengthening varies greatly with the situation. Before the procedure, the periodontist carries out a full consultation where your medical history and x-rays are reviewed. If you want esthetic crown lengthening, an examination to determine how best to reposition the gum line to improve the contours of your face and smile is performed.

Improper crown lengthening procedures can cause inflammation and irritation which leads to further dental treatments. In worst cases, the whole tooth can also be lost. Getting an accredited and experienced periodontist such as Dr. Malek, will not only save you money but ensure a well-performed procedure that is completed in one visit.

A crown lengthening procedure will give you visible results within one week and an attractive smile which leads to an improved self-image and more confidence.

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Periodontal Disease

A recent study has found that periodontal disease has been linked to some cancers. Dr. Malek recommends that periodontal disease can be prevented by practicing good oral hygiene and regular visits with your dentist and periodontist.


Dental Implants

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