Under Armour

Improving Every Athlete’s Performance: Use Under Armour

As an athlete, high-level performance is always the top priority.  You constantly find ways to upgrade your skills, and working hard to achieve your fullest potential.  Unfortunately, though, there are existing factors that affect your entire performance without you even knowing about it!

What prevents you from achieving optimum function?

You might be surprised, but the simple act of clenching your jaw is the villain.  Have you noticed the way your jaw tightens when you are trying to focus on your work and to get the job done?  This is only natural. But, it’s also preventing you from functioning even better!  This simple act causes more stress.  When you clench your jaw, a nerve is compressed in the temporomandibular joint (that joint that connects the jaw to your ear).  This nerve sends a signal to the brain, causing the release of stress-producing hormones.  As a result, you lose your focus and the entire performance can be affected.

What can you do to get rid of this and start giving out your best performance?

The ideal solution to eliminate this setback is the use of a barrier: a superior mouth protection that prevents the inconvenient effects of jaw-clenching.

 Under Armour

Different types of mouth protection exist.  To know what is best for you, you should visit a dental professional so that your needs could be prioritized by a thorough examination.  By doing this, safety, perfect fit and guaranteed comfort will most certainly be yours. Athletes who didn’t know better actually found themselves in an unfortunate position since more harm than good is brought by this poor choice of settling with inferior or ill-fitting devices.

In order to give you the best services, dentists would need to take a detailed impression of your jaw.  Once they have this, an order could be made to the laboratory that builds high-class protection mouthwear especially designed for you.

What will I gain by using this?

By using mouthwear of excellent quality, you eliminate the roadblocks to your goal of being the best athlete that you can be!

Reduction of impact to the compressed nerve allows your body more chance to relax after extreme workouts since the production of high amounts of stress-producing hormones is curbed down.   The expected result is the faster repair of the muscles and tissues involved in your workouts, making them even more efficient in the process.

What’s more, Under Armour mouthwear offers you protection from trauma especially if you are playing extreme contact sports!  Life-threatening situations are brought about by the lack of correct preparation by athletes more than anything else.

If you are a dedicated athlete wanting these benefits, then it’s about time you consider getting Under Armour mouthwear to achieve your greatest performance yet!

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